Posdudes.com provides nationwide onsite installation for POS Systems in all 50 US States and Puerto Rico.  When you purchase a POS system from posdudes.com you will be offered this service during the checkout process. ​​ Below is the process we follow to ensure a smooth installation: 

Timing of Installation:

It will generally take one day to process your order after you purchase products and services from posdudes.com.  After payment, allow two to four  business days for delivery of the POS hardware and more time after that to build the software, train and go-live with the POS System.

Hardware Delivery:

We will ship hardware to the shipping address that is listed on your order. If that is not correct, contact us right away with the correct address. Someone must be present at the time of delivery to sign for the packages as a signature is required.

Note:  Please call or email our help desk for questions regarding this process: 702-900-9429 helpdesk@posdudes.com.

Before the Installation – Network Requirements: 

You are responsible for ensuring the proper power and network connectivity is in place before posdudes.com can begin the installation of the POS hardware (whether you do the installation with help from posdudes.com support personnel or performed onsite by posdudes.com contractors). Failure to comply with these requirements can result in a delay of the installation.  Posdudes.com recommends you contract with a qualified network professional to design and install your network.

  1. An electrical outlet must be supplied at each POS station, Kitchen Printer and EMV device location with the proper surge protection.
  1. You will be responsible for providing a wireless router meeting posdudes.com specifications or purchasing an approved wireless router from posdudes.com.  Posdudes.com does not support combo wireless/modem routers. This means the wireless router must be a separate device from the modem.
  1. Wired high speed internet must be supplied at the wireless router location. Note that dial-up, cellular, hotspot, satellite or WIFI-based services may not provide adequate bandwidth to drive acceptable performance. Internet should be sourced directly from a modem and not through another router. Internet speed must be a minimum of 15Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload.  
  1. If required, install the appropriate number of WAP(s) (Wireless Access Point) necessary to supply an adequate signal for your iPad stationary and mobile devices.
  1. Please do not add unsupported peripherals, software or music streaming services to the same network that the POS resides on. Unsupported peripherals such as MP3 players, PDA’s, additional printers, WiFi Routers, Video security systems will impact the POS performance, reliability and security.
  1. Ethernet cable must be run from each POS device to the router (internet) location. Be sure to use only CAT5E 568B Standard (RJ45 Ethernet cable) CAT5E 568A will NOT operate the system properly.
  1. Customer supplied hardware must meet minimum specifications.  Please email helpdesk@posdudes.com for minimum specifications. If you don’t purchase posdudes.com onsite hardware installation services, you will also be responsible for inserting and assembling your iPads, card readers and related gear into any Customer supplied or posdudes.com supplied iPad enclosures. 

Before the Installation – Programming Requirements: 

Before the hardware installation we will begin programming your menu. The initial software and menu build is included with the purchase of your POS System. This process may take one to three business days from the initial review to completion and installation of the menu on your POS System. 

Please scan, email (helpdesk@posdudes.com) or fax 866-336-8117 the following information:

Retal Store:  posdudes support department will send you an excel spreadsheet to populate which can be uploaded into the system. 

Restaurant:  Menu, (along with any modifiers not on the menu), Coupons, discounts, happy hours, sales tax rate; Table Layout (w/ Sections if applicable, e.g. Dining, Patio, etc.), Employee list (First Name, First initial of last name, Last 4 SSN, Job (manager, server, time-clock only); Void Types; List of menu items which should not go to the kitchen printer (beverages, desserts, etc.) server prep items

Once we receive these items, our help desk will contact you to conduct a review of the menu. Please be sure to ask questions and mention any changes you would like made based on your submitted information. 

The Installation: 

Your hardware may arrive in two or more shipments. Do not open the boxes when you receive your hardware. Once all of the installation requirements (noted above) are complete, contact our support department to schedule hardware installation and training dates: 702-900-9429.

Our installation support department will verify that pre-wiring and internet requirements are complete prior to approving installation. We do not provide remote training during the installation process. Our goal during this phase is to make sure all the hardware is connected to the network and functioning properly.

Training and Go-Live: 

  1. Once your hardware is installed. Contact Support department at 702-900-9429 to schedule your first of two one hour remote training sessions.
  1. If additional training is required beyond the telephone/internet training sessions included with your system purchase, you may contact us to request additional fee-based training.  Additional charges for training will apply.
  1. You will be contacted for Gift card training, if applicable
  1. After training is complete or during the training, schedule the go-live date with our help desk.  Please note, Posdudes.com does not schedule go-live dates during nights, Fridays, weekends or holidays.


Use a qualified network professional or firm for any network design and build requirements. The network directly impacts the performance of your POS system.  

 You are responsible for providing an internet service backup in case your internet goes down. We recommend you get a mobile phone-based payment application and card reader from your merchant account sales person or Posdudes.com.

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